Exam Paper Products

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 Smooth/Examination Table Paper 一次性床纸(光 滑) Over 60 Box Get Free Shipping 

Item#200-7300 Price: $35.00/box Packing: 12 rolls/box Size: 21” x 225’

Item#200-7310 Price: $31.00/box Packing: 12 rolls/box Size: 18” x 225’


Crepe/Examination Table Paper 一次性床纸(软纸) Over 60 Box Get Free Shipping

Item#200-7320 Price:$27.00/box Packing: 12 rolls/box Size: 21” x 125

Item#200-7330 Price: $25.00/box Packing: 12 rolls/box Size: 18” x 125’

 Non-Woven Examination Table Paper/Pre-Cut 超长超宽一次性无纺布材料床纸

Item#200-7335 Price: $169.00/box  Packing: 50 sheets/roll, 10 rolls/box Size: appro. 71”L x 31” W

disposable table sheet with face hole. Made of non-woven  material, does not create sound like table paper, 

durable and protective to your treatment table.  80 Lbs hanm


Headrest Squares Sheet W/Face Slit 一次性方形带开口垫脸部纸(衛生清潔)

Item#200-7340   Price: $22.00/box Packing: 1000pcs/box  10/c 12” x 12”  Economy With face slit.#prt101slt

Item#200-7350  superior quality Price: $25.00/box Packing: 1000pcs/box 12” x 12”With face slit.


Massage Table(Face Cradle) Cover/Round 

Item#200-7360 Price: $22.00/package Packing: 100pcs/pkg Size: 12” x 12”

These amazingly soft and disposable face rest case are ideal for use in your massage

environment and any treatment room. hanm


Massage Table Sheet  白色床单床垫
Item#200-7365  Price: $9.95/sheet Size: 54”W  x 72”L Packing: 1 pc  5dz/ble


55 cotton/45 polyPillow Case Cover 一次性白/蓝色防水枕套/帶隔離層

Item#200-7370 white Item#200-7371 blue

Price: $35.00/box  Packing: 100pcs/box Size: 21” x 30” White or blue color,

A fluid resistant lining. Free shipping for any combination of  60

boxes of pillow case cover, headrest  square, exam table paper, exam gown/cape, headrest roll or drape sheet.


Cotton Ball  棉球

Item#200-7380  Price:$25.00/box  Packing:4000pcs/box Size: Medium  mfg#100-0468

Item#200-7390 Price:$30.00/box  Packing:2000pcs/box Size: Large  #100-1491



White 2ply/3ply Drape Sheets 切割好的宽纸

Item#200-7400 $25.00  100pcs/box  (2ply 40”x48”) Item#200-7410 $27.00  100pcs/b (2ply 40”x60”)

Item#200-7420 $29.00  50pcs/b(2ply 40”x72”) Item#200-7430 $35.00   50pcs/b(3ply 40”x90”)


Headrest Rolls/Crepe/Smooth 一次性枕头纸/软纸/光滑 

Item#200-7440 Price: $30.00/box Packing: 25 rolls/box Size: 8.5”wide x 125’long Crepe 

Item#200-7450 Price: $38.00/box Packing: 25 rolls/box Size: 8.5”wide x 225’long Smooth


Earloop Face Masks 平面口罩 Price: $9.95/box Packing: 50pcs/box  Size: 7” x 3.5”

Item#200-7460 White   Item#200-7470 Violet  Item#200-7480 Pink  Item#200-7490 Blue