Balance Scale/Scale/ 落地式体重身高称 /称药称

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Brass Traditional Chinese Herbs Scale  精准黄铜仿古药称
Item#200-3800  Price: $35.00/ea Packing: 1pc

Tray diameter: 16”  Max. Capacity: 250gram-1000gram

round scoop. Durable and precise,  Useful and reliable for weighing bulk herbs etc.


Balance Scale 平称/8个砝
Item#200-3810 Price: $75.00/set Packing: 1set Size: 11.00 ”L x 8.00” H

Max. Capacity: 1000Gram, 2 plastic round scoop. Durable and precise, 1 gram

increment. Comes with 8 different weight Useful and reliable for weighing herbs

etc. Model#JPT-10 10g x 1, 20g x 2, 50g x 1, 100g x 1, 200g  x 2, 500g x 1


Ohaus” Triple Beam Balance Scale 欧洲波兰平衡药称

Item#200-3830 Price: $179.00/set  Max. Capacity: 0.1g-610g, 0.1 gram

sensitivity. 1 White plastic Round Scoop (10”dia x 2.5”deep) included. weight set 1 x

500g, 2 x 1000g   7lbs/3.2kg  Whether you’re weighing solids, herb powder,

the ohaus triple beam balance can handle the job. mfg#760-00

Extra weight set Item#200-3850 Price: $39.00/ea

Extra Scoop        Item#200-3840 Price: $19.00/ea


GF Physician Mechanical Beam Scale with Wheels 落地式体重身高称
Item#200-3860 Price: $499.00/set Packing: 1set Platform Size: 10.5” x 14.5”

Features a capacity of 490 lb x 4 oz and a height rod graduated in inches from 30” to 78” or

76cm to 198cm. White color. 38Lb. Hint-Please remove a black cover from Platform

after you receive this scale.


Clinical Scale-Detecto/Floor Model 落地式体重身高称
Item#200-3870 Price: $499.00/set Packing: 1set  Platform Size: 10.5” x 14.5”

Features a capacity of 400 lb x 4 oz and a height rod graduated in inches from 30” to

78” or 76cm to 198cm. White color. 38Lb.


700 Balance Beam Scale-Seca/Floor Model  落地式体身高重称
Item#200-3880  Price: $399.00/set  Packing: 1set               

Dimensions: 20.5”Wx61.75”Hx20.5”D Platform: 13.75”Wx3.25”Hx14.25”D

Capacity: 500LB/220kg or 400lb/160 kg Graduations: 18LB/50g or 14LB/100 g

Each scale has a cast iron base, iron  column. Measuring range from 24” to 78” or 60cm to 200cm

Weight: 52 LB 


703 High-Capacity Digital Column Scale-Seca/Floor Model电子落地式体身高重称
Item#200-3890 Price: $669.00/set Packing: 1set   Capacity: 550LB/250kg  Graduations:  0.2 LB/100g

A large but low platform, and integrated BMI function, it’s suitable for heavyweight  patients. Energy-saving

battery provides up to 16000 weighings with just 1 set of 6 batteries and A/C UL adapter Includes a Seca

220 measuring rod. Functions: Tare, hold, BMI.