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Thumb Dressing Forceps-Straight  直头镊子
Item#200-8400 Price: $5.95/pc Packing: 1pc Size: 5.5” long  


Stainless steel, for handling needles, gauze, cotton balls etc.


Angle Tip Forceps  弯头镊子
Item#200-8410 Price: $5.95/pc Packing: 1pc Size: 4.5” long  


Stainless Steel. Sensitive spring action and fine tapered point allow good

control for handling needles or small objects.


Straight Stainless Steel Scissors 直頭剪刀

Item#200-8420 Price: $3.50/pc Packing: 1pc Size: Straight 4.5”

Item#200-8430 Price: $4.75/pc Packing: 1pc Size: Straight 5.5”


Curved Stainless Steel Lister Bandage Scissors 彎頭紗布剪刀

Item#200-8440 Price: $4.95/pc  Packing: 1pc Size: 5.5” long

Special design for cutting surgical tape, bandages, cotton roll and more.


Kelly Hemostatic Forceps/Stainless Steel 直头/弯头止血钳

Item#200-8450  Straight $4.50/ea

Item#200-8460  Curved  $4.95/ea Packing:1pc  Size: 5.5” smooth



9” Sponge Forcep/Stainless Steel-Straight 長直头止血/夹棉球点拔火罐
Item#200-8470 Price: $25.00/ea Packing:1pc  Size: 9” smooth



Taylor Percussion Hammer 红三角形诊查棰
Item#200-8480 Price: $4.50/pc Packing: 1ea Size: 2” x 0.5” x 0.5”




7” Red rubber wedge shaped head molded onto chrome-plated spoon shaped Handle. 


Buck Neurological Hammer 多用途诊查棰
Item#200-8490 Price: $11.95/pc Packing: 1 pc Size: 7.2” handle, 2.8” x .6”dia.




Black rubber tips on both ends of the head. Chrome-plated octagonal handle with

compartment to house stainless steel needle and brush for dermatome testing. 


Wartenberg Neurological Pin Wheel 

Item#200-8500 Price: $14.95/pc Packing: 1 pc


Used for dermatome testing. Ribbed, 7” long chrome-plated handle with precision

machined stainless rotating spur. 1.2” dia rotating wheel with 22 pin stimulating needles.


Babinsky Hammer
Item#200-8510 Price: $15.95/pc Packing: 1 pc


A round shaped head on this neurological hammer permits percussion from any angle. 1.8” dia rubber

hammer head may be mounted in 2 positions on the 9” handle.


Neurological Set
Item#200-8520 Price: $39.00/set Packing: 1 pc


Now, there is no need to buy each component of your neurological exam separately. We have made

this process easy by offering a chrome-plated, cost-effective neurological set complete with 4 instruments.

Each latex-free neurological set includes:

7” buck neurological hammer octagonal handle dual heads, removable needle and brush;

7.5” taylor hammer black triangular head; 7” wartenburg pinwheel handle and rotating spur;

8” babinski percussion hammer adjustable head can be oriented in 2 directions octagonal handle.

Additional babinski head included, additional 12” handle for babinski hammer included, blue 13” x

1” storage container.