Massage Products/按摩产品

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Massage Oil 按摩油

Item#200-4750 Price: $7.95  Size: 8.0 OZ     24/c

Item#200-4760 Price: $25.00/g Size: 1 Gallon oil     4/c

Economy Unscented with natural Ingredients, non-greasy residue


Myossage® Massage Lotion 按摩膏

Item#200-4770 Price: $4.95/ea Size: 8.5 oz(250ml)   24/c

Item#200-4780 Price: $28.00/ga Size: 1 Gallon(3.8liter)    4/c

Helps you give a soothing effective massage. Alcohol free, non-greasy and non-staining lotion.


Ultrasound Gel 超声波介质  

Item#200-4790 Price: $4.50/bottle Size: 8.5 oz(250ml)    24/c

Item#200-4800 Price: $22.95 Size: 5 liter  Includes one 8.5 oz  container for refill  9 lbs      4/c

Water-soluble. Non-greasy ultrasound and electrical coupling gel. Conductor transmission gel.

Comes with a 8.5 oz container for easy refill.


Biofreeze/fast cooling pain relief 百福來止痛膏油


Price each





3 oz roll on




4 oz tube




4 oz cryospray




16 oz pump




16 oz cryospray




32 oz pump




1 gallon pump


Fast acting, deep penetrating long lasting pain reliever, used to enhance therapy and Decrease

pain from range of motion and Resistive exercises. hs, lh, chi, Miliken.


Gua Sha Board/Massage Tool 刮痧板-刮痧拔罐 病好一半

Item#200-4880 Small  Rectangle  Price: $8.00/pc(black)2.2”x4.0” Professor Lu brand Gua Sha Tool

Item#200-4890   Medium Rectangle Price: $8.00/pc(black) 2.2”x5.5” 

Item#200-4900  Medium Rectangle Price: $15.00/pc(Transparent) High quality.

Made of  buffalo horn   2.2”x4.0”

popular for many centuries. It is flat shaped with smooth texture. all natural material, providing various 

edges. For use in Gua sha/scraping therapy. great for promoting local blood Circulation.


Gua Sha Board/Massage Tool 刮痧板-刮痧拔罐 病好一半

Item#200-4910 Price: $8.00/pc  6” x 2” long  pepper style  black color

Item#200-4920 Price: $8.00/pc(black) 1.5”x5.5” fish style black color

Item#200-4930 Price: $8.00/pc(black) 1.5”x5.6” shark style with black color

popular for many centuries. all natural material, providing various edges for use in gua sha/scraping therapy.

Smooth and firm.   


Wood Massager 木头按摩器(热卖中)

Item#200-5000 4 Leg  Price: $6.00 

Item#200-5010 5 Leg  Price: $7.00

Item#200-5020 6 leg  Price: $8.00

Portable, made of Hardwood. Great  for deep therapeutic massage along the spine.


Wood Massager 木头按摩器(热卖中)

Item#200-5030 Face 1 Massager   Price: $6.00

Item#200-5040 Eye Massager   Price: $6.00  

Item#200-5050 Face 2 Massager   Price: $6.00 

Portable, made of Hardwood. Great for deep therapeutic massage along the spine.


Acu Roller 金字塔按摩仪
Item#200-5080 Price: $12.00/ea Packing: 1 pc   

Portable and easy to Use. Specially designed light weight aluminum hand rollers for Koryo hand therapy.

Roller includes 100’s of small pyramid shaped massage spikes. Made in Korea!


Acc-U-SSAGER-Magnetic with 2 AA batteries 金字塔电动按摩仪 Made in Korea

Item#200-5090 Price: $18.00/ea  Size: 1.4”dia x 4.8”   Basic       50/c

Portable, hand held magnetic foot and body vibration massager. Features three 3000 gauss,

0.3” dia magnetic massage tips. The main body also offers appr. 236 pyramid shaped massage

protrusions. Model#cj-sp1100

Item#200-5100 Price: $25.00/ea   Size: 1.4”dia x 8.7”with handle for entire body. An extra 3”

long smooth grip which insulates the hand from vibration. Model#cj-shp1100


Magnetic Point Massager 点接触單/双磁点按摩器
Item#200-5110 Price: call  Packing: 1 pc      50/c

Portable, hand held Massager. Includes a powerful 3000 gauss. 1.3” x 1.7” ribbed handle also

provides stimulation to the hand points during use. Model#cj-1200


Infrared Blood Circulation Massager远红外线足部按摩器

Item#200-5120 Price: $139.00/set  Size: 14.5”Lx13”Wx7.75”H   14Lbs

features high frequency vibration, powerful magnetism and heat (infrared) treatment to strengthen

the immunity system and increase body's resistance to illness. Massaging the acupuncture points can

accelerate blood circulation and unblock blood vessels to promote body's metabolism. Can be used

on various body parts. Remote Controlled, Timer (up to 15 minutes),  8 Infrared treatments,  12 vibrating

intensities,  Auto and Manual Modes. Mfg#AB-753


Healthy Swinger  足部左右摇摆按摩器
Item#200-5130 Price:  $119.00/set Size: 14.75” x 15” x 10”   

#AB-07 Simply lie  down and the healthy swinger will rock your body from side-to-side. This simple

rocking motion maintains a proper “Chi” balance. Improves your blood circulation. Massages your feet.

Relaxing the muscles. Relieves lower back pain and headaches. Easy speed adjustment of 14 speeds. 9.5lbs


Jeanie Rub™ Massager/Singer Speed 单速电动按摩仪 Made in USA
Item#200-5140 Price: $179.00/ea Packing: 1 ea     5/c

Portable and easy to Use. Provide soothing oscillating massage, improves circulation, professional massage

unit. Heavy duty. On/off switch 3240rpm 6.1 lbs mfg#3400


Jeanie Rub™ Massager/Variable Speed 可变速式电动按摩仪
Item#200-5150 Price: $199.00/ea Packing: 1 pc       5/c

This versatile, variable speed model allows you to control speeds between 1400 to 4600rpm for a custom

massage. This model provides flexibility in massage. You can slow down for more sensitive areas or

increase speed for heavier muscle tissue. Heavy duty. On/off switch 6.1 lbs. mfg#3401 Made in USA


 “Lao Zhong Yi” Foot Bath Tub Herb Powder 老中医 足浴粉

Item#200-5160 Price: $14.00/package    Packing: 100bag/package               50/case

Ideal for foot care houses, sauna centers, hotels and households, perfect for foot or body bath.


 Tibet Foot Bath Tub Herb Powder 藏薬足浴粉
Item#200-5170 Price: $14.00/package Packing: 100bag/package                  50/case

Ideal for foot care houses, sauna centers, hotels and households, perfect for foot or body bath.


Tibet Foot Bath Tub Herb Powder 地道藏薬 浴足浴粉
Item#200-5180 Price: $14.00/package    Packing: 100bag/package                50/case

Ideal for foot care houses, sauna centers, hotels and households, perfect  for foot or body bath.


Wooden Foot Soak Barrel重的硬木香柏木足浴桶
Item#200-5190 Price: $65.00/package   Packing: 1pc          5/case

Size: top: 16” diameter x 11” H    Bottom: 12.8” diameter  Ideal for foot care houses, hotels and

households, made of hardwood, natural color. Heavy duty. Weight: 10 lbs. hanm


Plastic Bag/Liner for Wooden Foot Soak Barrel足浴桶的塑料袋 干净卫生容易处理

Packing: 100pcs/bag, 10bags/package  27”L x 25”W small size     4 micron

Item#200-5196    $49/package   20lbs Packing: 50pcs/roll, 20 rolls/package 24”L x 33” M size 8 micron

Item#200-5197   $55/package   25lbs Packing: 25pcs/roll, 20rolls/package 30”L x 37” L size  10 micron

Item#200-5198   $58/package   29lbs 


Save time and money with these plastic bags. Perfect for use in your favorite foot treatment.


Portable Tui Na Massage Chair 多功能折叠式推拿按摩仪
Item#200-5200 Price: $249.00/ea Packing: 1 pc

Portable, ultra compact. easy to Set up Use. Multi-position, Adjustable chest pad, armrest and 

fully adjustable face cradle for client comfort, light weight 26 lbs