Electro-Therapy Device/数码经络治疗仪

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808-II Multi-purpose Health Device 808-II    4 全能脉冲电针治疗
Item#200-4080 Price: $110.00/set  Packing: 1set        10/c

4 output channels, 5 different wave outputs and each output is individually controlled. Low battery

indicator. Points are located by a sound indicator. an adaptor. An acupoint detector 4 wires with

alligator clips. 1 Reference chart


808-I Multi-purpose Health Device  808-I   6 路全能脉冲电针治疗
Item#200-4090 Price: $130.00/set  Packing: 1set       10/c

6 output channels, 5 different wave outputs and each output is  individually controlled. Low battery

indicator. Points are located by a sound indicator. an adaptor. An acupoint detector. 4 wires with

alligator clips. 1 Reference chart


808 I/II Wire Clip/Small, Big Head 全能脉冲电针治疗仪导线/大小头鳄鱼夹

Item#200-4100 Price: $2.50/pc  

Big head clip, 76” long. For model 808 I/II Acupuncture machine, ES-130(this model need

extra converter) and other model. One in black, the other in red. Color may vary. Green,

yellow, blue, red, orange and gray.

Item#200-4110  Price: $2.50/pc

Designed for light weight, electro needling. Small head clip.  50” long. for model 808 I/II

Acupuncture machine, Es-130(this model need extra converter) and other model. one in black,

the other in red. Color may Vary. Green, yellow, blue, red, orange and gray.


808 I/II Machine Adapter 全能脉冲电针治疗仪变压器
Item#200-4120 Price: $15.00/pc Packing: 1pc

Female type, for model  808-I,II multi-purpose Acupuncture machine.


ES-130 Japanese Electro-Acupuncture Stim/Small 日本產伊藤小电针仪/手掌型
Item#200-4130 Price: $279.00/set   Packing: 1set  3 Channels Size: 4.5” x 3.2” x 1.2” beige  0.3lbs

This model ES-130 is a lightweight, sturdy, compact, palm size, high quality Japanese electro

therapy device. A hi/low switch on the back of the unit allows low or high voltage output. Offers 3

independently controlled output channels with adjustable frequency indicated by flashing light.

for use in or out of the office. 3 sets new CE wire (1yellow, green, white) leads with rectangular CE

jack, carrying case, 9 volt battery and belt clip. The portable balance that’s small enough to carry in

your lab coat pocket.


Wire Clip for model ES-130 Acupuncture Stim 日本伊藤小电针仪导线

Item#200-4140 Price: $14.50/ea    Packing: 1pc CE lead alligator clip wire  Made in Japan

Item#200-4150 Price: $14.50/ea Packing: 1pc Converter rectangular CE Jack.


To 3.5mm jack for use with all 3.5mm jack accessories


AWQ-104L Digital Electro Acupunctoscope 全能脉冲电针治疗HongKong
Item#200-4160 Price: $259.00/set Size: 6” x 4.2” x2.2”   330gm, gray LCD

0.5”x0.9” display. 4 intensity channels.  4 sets of  Alligator Clip wires, sturdy, 5” long

pen shaped probe with hand ground pole and wire, carrying case, 9 bolt battery pulse

mode: continuous, intermittent (discontinuous), and dense-disperse. Locating or stimulating the treat points with

hand held probe. Low power indication: yellow LED light. Point location light: green LED light.

Item#200-4170 extra wire clip $12/ea 


Paraffin Bath Unit 蜡疗仪
Item#200-4210  Price: $179.00/set Packing: 1set

Provides penetrating heat. Para-care’s low-profile design allows easy access for The hand, elbow or foot,

making ideal for both home and clinical use. ETL & cETL Listed. Include 6 lbs of unscented wax 558p

Design may vary. Med joint, bilt rite, wr, mastex, fabri


Paraffin Wax Refill 蜡块
Item#200-4220 Price: $29.00/box Packing: 6 wax/box

Unscented paraffin wax  Approximately 6lbs/2.7kg  Six one-pound blocks per box 558p. Med joint venture,

bilt rite Wr, mastex health#mas200, fabri.


Point-Mate® Acu-Locator®  穴位仪
Item#200-3900  Price: $38.00/ea  Packing: 1pc  Size: 2.3”W x 4”L x 1” D

Easy to use, pocket portable point  locator. Convenient palm-size. Features  sensitivity control and

point location with sound and green LED light. Includes hand ground pole and search  probe with

3.5mm jack and 9 volt battery (caution: this machine does not treat or stimulate points)


80Piezo-DX Light Weight/Japan 静电刺激器
Item#200-3910 Price: $51.00/ea Packing: 1pc  

Economy, the most popular, pocket portable durable model from Japan. Light weight Design.

Piezo unit contains self-activating, tuned, solid-state crystals which create a tiny electrical charge

(no batteries required). Output is not adjustable, opening or altering unit voids warranty. Do not

activate in open circuit mode (I.e. tip not contacting body), otherwise output will weaken prematurely.

Depending on frequency of use, intensity will slowly diminish over time. How to use: apply

perpendicular to body, press button with thumb until  a click is heard, then release thumb.

Do not activate 1 point more than a few times. 90 days limited warranty.


Pointer-Pal-Locator/Hong Kong 
Item#200-3920 Price: $75.00/set    Beige color Packing: 1set    6.5”x1.3”x0.9”

Hand held, the pointer pal is an accurate to operate point locator. When an active point is located,

a buzzing sound is produced and the pilot light on top of the unit blinks continuously. Similar in design to

the pointer-plus, only without point stimulation feature. Include 2 probe tips(2mm0.08” and 4mm 0.16”),

hand ground pole with attached wire, 9 volt battery, carrying case.


Pointer Plus™ Stim/without Digital Display 探穴针灸止痛电刺激笔 Hong Kong
Item#200-3930 Price:$95.00/set  Beige color Packing: 1set  6.5”x1.3”x0.9”

Hand held, Electronic stimulating, Operated with 9Vbattery, for both body and ear, the pulse frequency

is fixed at 10 HZ. A flashing light and sound indicate when detection  is made. the grounding circuit is

made by holding the metal plate on the side of the unit. Includes 2 probe tips, hand ground pole.


Pointer Excel™ II Stim/with Digital Display/Locator & Stimulator 数字显示探穴针灸止痛电刺激笔 

Item#200-3940 Price: $159.00/set     LCD 0.35”x 1” Packing: 1set      8.6” x 1.5” x 1”  beige

LCD digital display, adjustable frequency 1 to 16HZ,location is also indicated with sound and a pilot light

on top of the unit. Hand held, easy to carry. Electronic stimulating, portable, operated with 9 vt battery, for

both body and ear, the grounding circuit is made by holding the metal plate on the side of the unit. 6 mth

limited warranty unit (not ground pole,wire)


Pyun-Jac Acu-Treat Electro-Acupuncture Device/Locator & Stimulator 型探穴针灸止痛电刺激笔
Item#200-3950   Price: $229.00/set  Packing: 1set

8.2” x 2.2” x 1.0” white 0.3 lbs Hand held, Spring tip for better stimulating, point location with sensitivity

control. Reverse polarity button. Frequency:1.8HZ to 12HZ 402page book, instruction video, hardshell,

external probe with ground, carrying case, 9 volt  battery.


Digital Therapy Stimulator/Model# HYS-2188袖珍型数码经络治疗仪
Item#200-3960 Price: $120.00/set   适合出诊用 针灸按摩刮痧等8项功能 

Palm size, portable, hand held. Increasing local blood circulation. muscle re-education. Relaxation of

muscle spasms. LCD display shows 8 functions. Acupuncture, Gua Sha, Tui Na, Massage Cupping,

Sleeping, etc 2 outlet, an Adaptor 2 wires with 4 large self-adhesive electrodes (2.3” W x 3.5”L),

1 instruction Idea for office, home and travel use.


Self-adhesive electrode for digital therapy machine 极片

Item#200-3970 Price: $5.95/pack Packing: 4pcs/pack Size: 2.3” W x 3.5” L

White color for model# HYS-2188,


Lead Wires with 2 Pin Lead  南韓產电導線
Item#200-3980 Price: $4.95/ea Packing: 1pc

Replacement Parts for TENS unit and other Acupuncture machines.


Tens Unit-Analog/Korea 南韓电疗仪器
Item#200-3990 Price: $69.00/set Packing: 1set       20/c  Dimension : 1" x 2 3/4" x 4 1/10"

Channel : Dual Amplitude : Adjustable, 0-80mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel

Pulse Rate : Adjustable, 2 ~ 150 Hz  Pulse Width : Adjustable, 30 ~ 260 ㎲ Timer : 15, 30, Continue

Mode : Burst, Modulation, Normal


Tens Unit-Digital/Korea 南韓数码显示电疗仪器
Item#200-4000 Price: $79.00/set Packing: 1set      20/c  Dimension : 1" x 2 3/4" x 4 1/10"

Channel : Dual  LCD Monitoring. Amplitude : Adjustable, 0-80mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel

Pulse Rate : Adjustable, 1 ~ 150 Hz Pulse Width : Adjustable, 30 ~ 260 ㎲  Timer : 15, 30, 45, 60, 90

Continue Mode : Burst, Modulation, Normal

Power Supply : DC 9V battery. battery life=approx. 50 hours at normal settings. Weight: 4.5 oz


Tens Unit-Analog Model#GF-3 Tens
Item#200-4010  Price: $69.00/set Packing: 1set

Dual channel, modulation/burst/standard modes, complete with accessories and carrying case.


Reusable Self-Adhesive Electrodes 电极片


Price per pkg


































4pcs/package,    40packages/case