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Herb Grinder, RT-08/Large 靜音快速回转式研磨粉碎机/8两(长期投资)
Item#200-4410 Price: $799.00/set  Packing: 1set  Capacity: 8 oz, Size: 9” x 9” x 17”

Speed:25000rpm Weight:22 pounds Ideal to quickly smash every kind of medicine material.

Such as seeds, bones, leaves, roots etc. Good for clinic, laboratories, food, fishery,

pharmaceutical, chemical, Agricultural etc. heavy duty. Design may vary.


Replacement Blade for Model#RT-08 Herb Grinder 音切片粉碎机刀片

Item#200-4420 Price: $49.00/ea Packing: 1pc 1 or 2 pieces unit


all stainless steel. For Item#200-4410


Automatic Herb Grinder,RT-34 全自动粉碎机(长期投资)
Item#200-4430  Price: $1150.00/set  Packing: 1set  Weight: 58 pounds

Power consumption: 1 horsepower. Size: 14” x 22” x 21”   10-120mesh Heavy duty

powder maker, self feeding make as much powder as you want. Continuous operation

with open feeder. Interchangeable  screen size, assorted screens, 1dust bag,  1 receiving bag.

good for clinic,  herb store, laboratories, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, fishery,agricultural


Empty Clear Capsules/(透明)

Item#200-2660 $19.00 “1” s   2000pcs/bag

Item#200-2670 $19.00 “0” m  2000pcs/bag 50/c

Item#200-2680 $15.00 “00” L  1000pcs/bag

Item#200-2690 $35.00 “000” xL   1000pcs/bag

Ideal for any kind of herbs,  vitamins and other substances. “0” size

are the most popular. “000” specially design for animal.


Empty Vegetarian Clear Capsules/蔬菜(透明)
Item#200-2695 Price: $35.00/bag Packing: Approximately 2000pcs/bag Size:  “0”

Ideal for any kind of herbs,  vitamins and other substances. “0” size are the most popular.


50 Capsule Filler /50

Item#200-2700   $29.00   “1”     Small

Item#200-2710   $32.00  “0”     Medi

Item#200-2720   $35.00  “00”   Large

Item#200-2730   $39.00  “000”  XL 

Capacity:50 capsules. Capsule filler with tamper. 3 piece unit. All white Color. “0” size Capsule

Filler are the most popular. Made in USA


100 Capsule Filler Machine/For Size “0”Capsule “0”100粒胶
Item#200-2740 Price: $59.00/set Packing: 1set Capacity: 100 capsules. Size: 6” x 6” x 4.5” 

designed to save a lot  of time, effort and frustration in the process of filling up Herb Capsule with herbal

powder. All plastic, 3 piece unit With tamper, manually operated, Easy to use.


 Herbal Bottle Sealing Films/Shrink Band/ 药瓶封口纸

Item#200-2750  Price: $16.00/bundle  Appro.500pcs/bundle       33mm/Neck Finish

2.31” L x 1” W/57 mm Long x 25mm wide For 60cc, 75cc Bottles,  Clear color    

Item#200-2760  Price: $17.00/bundle     Appro.500pcs/bundle     38mm/Neck Finish

2.19” L x 1” W/66 mm Long x 25mm wide For 100cc, 120cc, 150cc, 175cc Bottles, Clear color   

Item#200-2765 Price: $18.00/bundle     Appro.500pcs/bundle           45mm/Neck Finish

3.14” L x 1” W/80 mm Long x 25mm wide  For 180cc Bottles,  Clear color   

Make your products safe and acceptable for retail distribution, easy to install. Slip a Band over the cap,

Apply heat with a heat gun, the bands will shrink to fit in seconds. pre-cut with black “Sealed”

for your protection” imprint


Sealing Gun 封口枪
Item#200-2770 Price: $69.00/set Packing: 1set  Size: 10” x 2-3/4” x 7-1/2”

overall dimensions It seals all kinds of herb bottles with plastic sealing films.630F and

1000F settings give you the flexibility to perform dozen of jobs! 1500watt, 110V, 8 and 13amps.


Herbal Filter Bags /#3 #5 #8 衝滾不爛可煮型中药过滤袋

Item#200-2780 Price: $39.00/box Size: #3(small) 3” W x 4” L Packing: 1000pcs/box

Item#200-2790 Price: $58.00/box Size: #5(medium) 4” W x 6” L Packing: 1000pcs/box

Item#200-2800 Price: $62.00/box Size: #8(large) 6” W x 9” L Packing 500pcs/box

Designed to cook herbs in filter bag. Can be sealed by regular Heat Sealer Surface designs may

vary. Made in TaiWan


Medicine Packing Paper Bags6等份纸(1星期量)丸藥粉
Item#200-2810 Price: $11.00/bundle Packing: 200pcs/bundle  60bundle/c Size: 2.9” x 13.2”  

6 divided packing tea bags per Sheet. 200per pack, white color. For Packing Herbal powder, herbal pill or tablet. It

can be sealed By regular heat sealer. Made in Korea


White Plastic Scooper(6 in 1)  装藥专用盘
Item#200-2820 Price: $10.00/ea Packing: 1pc 

All plastic, white color, for packing herbal powder, use with white paper herbal bag above Item#200-2810 

Made in Korea


Reusable/Reclosable Bags-2mil /丸藥粉包装袋

Item#200-2830 $27/box Size:3” x 3”

Item#200-2840 $29/box Size:3” x 4”

Item#200-2850 $34/box Size:3” x 5”

Item#200-2860 $39/box Size:4” x 6” Packing:1000bag/box

Clear color. Self-seal zipper


Reusable/Reclosable Bags with Label Panel-2mil  丸藥粉包装袋

Item#200-2870 $32/box Size:3” x 4”

Item#200-2880 $38/box Size:3” x 5”

Item#200-2890 $42/box Size:4” x 6” Packing:1000bag/box

Easy to open, easy to seal and easy to label. Each bag features

a white block for labeling and is available in 2 mil thickness


Plastic Packing Pouch Roll Set 韩产自動汤药机器专用药液袋
Item#200-2900 Price: $65.00/set  Packing:2 rolls/set      4/c

For automatic packing machine. Made in Korea Color may change.  95 Lbs


Plastic Standing Pouch Roll/Manual 
Item#200-2920 Price: $7.95/bundle Packing:100pouch/bundle 60/c Size: 3.5” W x 6.5” L

For ready to drink herbal soup, can be sealed with regular heat sealer. Clear color. Made in

Korea. Color design may vary 人参,小绿山或药壶图案


Heat Sealer/8” 12”  热封口机/8寸 12寸

Item#200-2960  Price: $95.00/set Packing: 1set Size: 8”    

Item#200-2970  Price: $115.00/set Packing: 1set Size: 12”

For sealing plastic bags and herb filter bags, extra blade

included, value $12.00   wdn


Heat Sealer Replacement /8” 12”  热封口机刀片/8寸 12寸

Item#200-2980 Price: $12.00/pk Packing: 2pcs/pk Size:8”

Item#200-2990 Price: $12.00/pk Packing: 2pcs/pk Size:12”


Dry Pack/剂  

Item#200-3730  Price: $6.95/Pack   100/c  Packing:100pcs/pack

for product freshness, contains  Harmless absorbent. Only 0.5 gram per pack.