Magnetic Pellet /各类磁珠

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Ear Press Seeds/王不留行子 Item#200-1560 Price: $4.50/box Packing: 100pcs/box  100/c

Price: $9.50/box Packing: 100pcs/box  100/c

Nature seeds on skin surgical tape. Sealed blister package. Ready to use, simply peel and Apply.


Ear Press Seeds/Bulk pack 散装王不留行 Item#200-1570 Price: $12.00/jar  Packing: appro.50gram/jar

Seeds only, black color  used with seeds board.


Ear Press Seeds Plastic Board 专用散装王不留行,磁珠耳穴治疗板

Item#200-1580 Price: $9.50/ea Packing: 226/board

Plastic board for ear press  seeds. White color 226 per board. 


Magnetic Ear/Body Pellets/China 色小粒磁珠/国 
Item#200-1590 Price: $5.50/bag  Packing: 121pcs/bag  10b/c

Gold-plated.1.7mm In dia. on skin surgical  Tape.


Magnetic Ear/Body Pellets/China 色小粒磁珠/
Item#200-1600 Price: $5.95/box Packing: 200pcs/box Gold-plated.1.7mm In dia. on skin surgical Tape.



800GS  SJC-Hand Magnets/Korea 800高斯南韓大粒磁珠

Item#200-1610 Price: $9.50/bag Packing: 50pcs/bag Size: 0.12”dia x 0.06”   

800gs with 0.45” dia adhesive plaster. The bionorth(-) pole contacts

the body on these ferrite magnets. Great for both  hand and ear points. tan tape.


300  Accu-Patch Pellets 300粒 日本小粒磁珠

Item#200-1620 S/St 300 pellets, (Clear ) $19/bg          Item#200-1630 S/St 300 pellets, (Tan) $19/b

Item#200-1640 Gold 300 pellets, (Clear) $20/b            Item#200-1650 Gold 300 pellets,   (Tan)    $20/b

Item#200-1660 Titanium 200 pellets, (Clear) $22/b

Made in Japan. Similar to Magrain except the 1.2mm dia Pellet is made

from s/steel, 24k gold Plated s/steel or titanium  20bag/bundle


300 Magrain® Ion Pellets-Sakamura 300日本阪村小粒磁珠

Item#200-1670 Silver pellets, (Clear) $19/b                Item#200-1690 Gold pellets,  (Clear) $20/b

Item#200-1680 Silver pellets, (Tan) $19/b                  Item#200-1700 Gold pellets,  (Tan)    $20/b

Made in Japan. Sakamura magrain for body and ear Points 1.2mm ion

pellets Offer polarity agent effects, supplied on 0.3” dia tan or clear tape.


800GS Accu-Band™  Magnets/Japan   800高斯日本大粒磁珠

Item#200-1710  No- plated Price: $10.95/bg  Packing: 12pellets/bag

Item#200-1720   Gold plated Price: $12.95/bg

800gauss ferrite magnets. Features a tiny protrusion at the center of the

magnet which provides additional stimulation to the acupoint. 0.8” dia

adhesive plasters with 0.2” dia x 0.09” magnets. Choice of non-plated or

24K gold plated pellets. The bionorth(-) side contacts the body.


6000GS Accu-Band™ Rec Magnets/Japan    6000高斯日本大粒镀金磁珠
Item#200-1730 Price: $26.00/bag Packing: 12pellets/bag

6000gauss(br)high strength rare Earth magnets.24k gold plated 0.06”X 0.16”dia with 0.8” dia

adhesive Plasters, the bionorth(-)pole side Contacts the body and marked with A small indentation.


9000GS Accu-Band™ Rec Magnet/Japan 9000高斯日本大粒镀金磁珠
Item#200-1740 Price: $29.00/bag Packing: 12pellets/bag

9000gauss(br)high strength rare Earth magnets.24k gold plated 0.06”X 0.2”dia with 0.8” dia

adhesive Plasters, the bionorth(-)pole side Contacts the body and marked with A small indentation.


12000GS  Rec Magnet-Bulk Magnet with Plaster/Japan 12000高斯日本大粒磁珠

Item#200-1750 Price: $31.00/bag Packing: 12pellets/bag


12000gauss(br)high strength rare  Earth magnets. An economical option that requires assembly

before use as the magnet must be applied to the adhesive plaster. Each package contains 12 non

plated 0.06”x0.2” dia magnets and 12 0.8” dia adhesive plasters. The bionorth side of the

magnet is marked with a small indentation.


Cera-Patch™ Bio-Ceramic Plaster/Japan  Item#200-1760 Price: $8.95/bag  Packing: 40pellets/bag

Bio-ceramic, 2mm dia granules on 12mm dia plasters(from Japan) provide both acupressure and far

infrared therapy. Safe for people with metal allergies.


Royal-Top Keptone Pellets/Japan 日本磁 Item#200-1770 Price: $15.95/bag Packing: 60pellets/bag

18-8 stainless steel spike type cutaneous skin pressure pellet. Supplied on 0.4”x0.4” adhesive tape.

The small 0.08”x 0.16” dia spiked dome(with blunt tip)does not puncture the skin. Used for

body and ah shi points(and sometimes ear points).


1000GS Magnetty Magnets/Japan 1000高斯日本大粒磁珠
Item#200-1780 Price: $9.95/bag Packing: 12pellets/bag

1000gauss ferrite 0.1”x0.24” dia magnets.With 0.9” dia adhesive plasters. The north and

south poles are uniquely aligned along the magnet’s edge for a balanced multi-pole effect

(no need to turn over). Magnets are smooth and oval in shape, north/south poles are not marked.


800GS Tsubo-Mag Mini Magnetic Pellets/Taiwan    800高斯台湾中粒磁珠
Item#200-1790 Price: $14.00/sheet Packing: 100pellets/sheet

800Gauss magnets. small magnets for acupressure to the hand, ear and

body.  0.08”(2mm) dia. On 0.35”(9mm)dia. Tan color tape.


800GS Ear-Dot EZ-100 Magnets/China  800高斯磁珠
Item#200-1800 Price: $11.95/bag  Packing: 100pellets/bag

800Gauss magnets. 0.07”(2mm) dia. Magnet on 0.25”x 0.25” tan tape.  The plastic holder may

be bent back on all 4 sides to allow easy removal of the tape with tweezers or fingers. For 

acupressure to the hand, ear and body points.


2500GS  Mini-Slim and Mini-Max Magnets  2500高斯最大粒磁珠

Item#200-1820 Mini slim 0.4” dia. X 1.6mm(0.06”) 4pcs/b  $9/bag

Item#200-1830 Mini max 0.4” dia. X 2.5mm(0.1”) 4pcs/b $11/bag

Item#200-1840 Mini velcro 0.5” dia. X 1.6mm(0.06”) 2pcs/b $6/bag

Small, powerful 24k gold plated, 2500 gauss REC magnets. The north and south poles are not marked.

The mini-slim and mini-max may be used with 30mm tape plasters(not included) the mini-velcro is

larger in diameter and has a “velcro” backing(for use with velcro attaching materials).


Replacement Plasters for Magnet Pellets 磁珠替换胶布

Item#200-1850 Price: $12.00/bag Size: Dia 12mm/0.5”

96/bag(4 sheet) For small magnets skin color/Taiwan

Item#200-1860 Price: $15.00/bag Size: Dia 20mm/0.8”100/bg(10 sheet)

For medium magnets Economy  Taiwan

Item#200-1870 Price: $18.00/bag Size: Dia 30mm/1.1”  80/bag(10 sheet)

For larger dia magnets/Japan

Breathable ,convenient, adhesive Hypoallergenic replacement plasters, suitable.