TDP Lamp Series/理疗神灯

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Infrarex St-302 IR Portable Infrared Lamp  便携式红外线理疗灯 
Item#200-4230 Price: $59.00/ea Packing:1pc  

3” dia angled heating head x 7”long. Hand held and portable. 2 heat setting low and high.

provide warm and comfortable infrared Heat therapy.

7 Watt IR Bulb  Item#200-4240  Price:$4.95/box  Packing:2bulbs/box


Infrared Heat Lamp(Desk Model) 红外线理疗灯(韩国台式)  #IR-300A

Item#200-4245 Price: $109.00/set Packing:1set 

250 watts infrared Light Bulb included,

With or without Adjustable heat intensity. For temporarily pain relief.  Increase blood circulation.

Reduce the muscle stiffness. durable, Treatment time: max.30 min. Weight:10 pounds Made in Korea 

Extra Fuse  Item#200-4248  Price:$4.95/ea Packing: 1ea


Infrared Heat Lamp(Floor Model) 红外线理疗灯(韩国落地式)

Item#200-4250 Price: $199.00/set Packing:1set     4/c

250 watts infrared Light Bulb included, Adjustable heat intensity. For temporarily pain relief. 

Increase blood circulation. Reduce the muscle stiffness. durable, adjustable height: from 43” to 63”

Treatment time: max.30 min. Weight:18 pounds Made in Korea #IR-300, #IR-2009, Ir880

Extra Fuse Item#200-4260  Price:$4.95/ea  Packing: 1ea


Light Bulb 250w for Infrared Lamp 红外灯泡
Item#200-4270 Price: $25.00/ea Packing: 1pc         12/c

250 watt The bulb Needs to be replaced when the lamp does not heat.


CQ-12 TDP Electro-Magnetic Lamp (Desk Model)  CQ-12台式理疗神灯
Item#200-4280 Price: $109.00/set Packing: 1set

For temporarily pain relief.  5” dia. Head, Treatment time: max. 30 Minutes. Weight:12 Pounds


CQ-27 TDP Electro-Magnetic Lamp (Floor Model)  CQ-27立式理疗神灯
Item#200-4300  Price:$ 139.00/set  Packing: 1set

The most popular model. For Temporarily pain relief. 5” dia head Treatment time: max. 30 minutes

Weight:24 Pounds

Extra fuse  Item#200-4290  Price: $4.95/bag Packing: 2pcs/bag 


CQ-29 TDP Electro-Magnetic Lamp (Floor Model)  CQ-29式理疗神/大头
Item#200-4310 Price: $179.00/set Packing:1set

Oversized single Head. For temporarily pain relief. 7” diameter head  Weight:25 Pounds

Treatment time: max. 30 minutes.


Replacement TDP Lamp Head 可更换式神灯头-插接健式

Item#200-4320 Price: $56.00/pc Packing: 1pc  5” diameter head for TDP

Lamp model CQ-12 CQ-27, CQ-36  male type

Item#200-4330  Price: $59.00/pc  Packing: 1pc 7” diameter big head for TDP

Lamp model CQ-29 male type


TDP Lamp Element (Emission) Plate 元素(神灯配件)

Item#200-4340 Price: $26.00/pc  5” diameter for model CQ-12, CQ-27, CQ-36 TDP Lamp

Item#200-4350  Price: $29.00/pc  7” diameter for model CQ-29 TDP  Lamp only

This plate needs to be replaced Every year or 1000 hours


TDP Lamp Heating Plate  电热丝板(神灯配件)
Item#200-4360 Price: $19.00/pc  Packing: 1pc

The heating plate Needs to be replaced  When the lamp does not heat. For all model CQ-12,

CQ-27,CQ29,CQ-36  No return Item


Insulating Mica Disk for TDP Lamp  神灯云母片

Item#200-4370  Price: $10.00/pc  Packing: 1pc  5” diameter for Model TDP Lamp CQ-12, CQ-27, CQ-36

Item#200-4380  Price: $10.00/pc  Packing: 1pc  7” diameter for Model  TDP Lamp CQ-29 only


Knob, Caster for TDP Lamp 白色神灯开关, 脚轮

Item#200-4390  Price: $5.00/pc  Packing: 1pc  Caster For TDP Lamp model

CQ-12, CQ-27, CQ-29, CQ-36

Item#200-4400 Price: $6.00/pc  Packing: 1pc  Knob For TDP lamp model

CQ-12, CQ-27, CQ-29,CQ-36