Stethoscope/Blood Pressure /听诊器/血压计

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Tubing, Binaurals/Tubing Sets, Connectors 听诊器Y型替换朔料管
Item#200-6350  Price: $4.95/ea Packing: 1 ea Size: Y’ Tubing, 22" PVC

Spare part tubing for stethoscope.


Stethoscope Ear Tips 听诊器朔料替换耳朵
Item#200-6360  Price: $2.50/bag Packing: 2pcs/bag



Dual Head Stethoscope 双面听诊器

Item#200-6380 black Item#200-6381 gray Price: $9.95/ea Packing: 1pc

Dual-side design 22” latex Free “y” Tubing. Adjustable chrome- Plated brass binaurals.


Labtron® Sprague Rappaport-Type Stethoscope 22” Gel Series听诊器

Item#200-6390 Black  regular   mfg#602

Item#200-6400 Slate Blue Gel mfg#602SL-GEL

Item#200-6410 Seafoam Gel mfg#602SF-GEL   Price: $15.95/ea  Packing: 1/box  Made in Taiwan

Chrome-plated external spring binaural. Complete with accessory kit. Features 

attractive 22” latex-free gel colored tubing.


Pocket Aneroid/Hand model  压力表式血压计(袖珍型出诊用)
Item#200-6420 Price: $29.00/ea Packing: 1pc

Portable instrument Calibrated,300mm Hg Deluxe Air release valve. easy to use. Adult cuff

standard. No return item


Blood Pressure Kit with Attached Stethoscope 21带听诊器压力表式血压计
Item#200-6430 Price: $39.00/set  Packing: 1set

2 in 1. This unit has an Attached single head stethoscope and self-adjusting D-Bar cuff. Comes complete

with case, manual and record chart.Adult size 


Bulb & Valve for Sphygmomanometer 压计配件

Item#200-6440 Bulb  $5.00/ea

Item#200-6450 Valve $6.00/ea

Item#200-6460  Bulb & Valve  $9.00/ea Packing: 1pc



Baumanometer® Wall Aneroid with Basket 带筐压力表式血压计(墙上型

Item#200-6470 Price: $135.00/ea Packing: 1ea   Large display.

It is built to agree with our master instruments, which are traceable to United States National Institute of

Standards and Technology. Each instrument is equipped with our calibrated V-Lok inflation system.


Baumanometer® Mercury Sphygmomanometer Wall model 33   带筐水银血压计(墙上型)

Item#200-6480 Price:  $162.00/set With Basket 

300mm Hg swivel type for  Wall mounting. Includes  8 ft. extension Tubing and calibrated V-Lok cuff.


Baumanometer® Roll-By® Mobil Aneroid with Basket/Floor Model 带筐压力表式血压计(落地式)
Item#200-6490 Price: $290.00/ea Packing: 1pc

8 feet of extended tubing. Large display. Easy-to-read. A 300 mmHg Aneroid

instrument for mobile use.


Digital Portable Blood Pressure Monitor/Wrist  欧姆龙数字显示血压计(手腕型)
Item#200-6500 Price: $85.00/ea Packing: 1 pc  Size: 3”L x 2.2”w x 4”D

Measures blood pressure and pulse from wrist. Completely automatic inflation and deflation. Large,

easy to Read digital display. Carrying case 2AAA batteries included. 


Digital Automatic inflation Blood Pressure Monitor/desk model Omron®


Item#200-6510 Price: $89.00/ea  Packing: 1pc

Preset switch lets user control inflation level, stores last reading in memory. Large easy to read

digital display, operates on 4 C batteries or AC adapter (both not included)


Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Easy Wrap Cuff/desk model/Omron®

Item#200-6520 Price: $129.00/ea Packing: 1 pc

Easy wrap cuff is preformed for quick and proper fit (fits arm 9” to 17”), built-in compartment for 

cuff storage, large, clear digital display,AC adapter and 4AA batteries Included.


Lumiscope® Digital Advanced Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 数字显示血压计(手腕型)
Item#200-6530 Price: $79.00/ea  Packing: 1pc

Provides accurate vital health information in seconds, with automatic time and date stamp.

4-user memory(99 readings per user) with 5 average modes(hour, day, week, month and total).

4 alarm settings. Irregular heartbeat detector. Kit includes monitor with attached cuff,

2 AAA batteries, storage case. Instruction manual(English and Spanish), and quick-start guide.

Lifetime limited warranty.