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Overdoor Traction Set 颈部牵引器
Item#200-5680 Price: $25/set Packing: 1set      10/c


Double sealed vinyl Water bag(20 lbs Capacity) traction rope, pulleys Fits over standard door. 


Hand Pulley Traction Set 肩部牵引器
Item#200-5690 Price: $25/set Packing:1set       10/c

Exercise shoulder And arm. great for clinic, home and office use Easily fits over most standard Doors. 


Latex Powdered Finger Cots 手指套

Item:200-7700 Small  Item:200-7710 Medium

Item:200-7720 Large Item:200-7730 X Large 

Price: $4.99/box Packing: 144pcs/box

Non Sterile, 1 size fits both hands, powdered, smooth finish. Tear Resistant. Meets ASTM Standard.


Latex Powdered Exam Glove一次性乳胶有粉手套

Item#200-7740 XSmall  Item#200-7750 Small,

Item#200-7760 Medium Item#200-7770 Large ,

Item#200-7780 XLarge 

Price: $6.99/box Packing: 100pcs/box    10/c


Latex Powder Free Exam Glove 一次性乳胶无粉手套

Item#200-7800 XSmall Item#200-7810 Small

Item#200-7820 Medium  Item#200-7830 Large

Item#200-7840 XLarge 

Price: $7.99/box  Packing: 100pcs/box   10/c


Vinyl(Synthetic) Powdered Exam Glove 一次性树脂有粉手套

Item#200-7900 XSmall   Item#200-7910 Small

Item#200-7920 Medium Item#200-7930 Large  

Item#200-7940 XLarge 

Price: $6.99/box Packing: 100pcs/box    10/c


Vinyl(Synthetic) Powder Free Exam Glove 一次性树脂无粉手套

Item#200-7950 XSmall  Item#200-7960 Small,

Item#200-7970 Medium  Item#200-7980 Large  

Item#200-7990 XLarge 

Price: $7.99/box Packing: 100pcs/box     10/c


Marking Pen for Points 

Item#200-5820  Price: $3.95/pc Packing: 1pc

5” long, Blue color. Ultra fine and broad tip surgeon’s marking pen with centimeter scale on barrel.

Non-toxic, gentian violet ink washes off with alcohol. Great for student and school.   


Disposable Pen Light 一次性检测灯笔
Item#200-5830 Price: $3.75/ea Packing: 1pc    5/flat

Complete with 2 sealed mercury-free AAA batteries and a high-intensity prefocused lens end bulb.

Each bulk penlight comes with a plastic sleeve, which keeps the light from turning on accidentally

and can serve as a constant-on switch. 6/box   


Reusable High-Intensity Diagnostic Pen Light 可重复使用式检测灯笔

Item#200-5840 Price: $4.95/ea Packing: 1 pc   


5/flat High intensity light with a Pressure activated on-off switch. pocket size, can be clipped to a

pocket like a pen. Reusable with 2AAA long life batteries (included) white color


Stainless Steel Pen Light/pupil gauge imprint 可重复使用式不銹鋼检测灯笔
Item#200-5850 Price: $8.95/ea Packing: 1 pc     5.5" Length 0-5 cm imprint

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) #1293 


Digital Thermometer w/Beeper華氏/攝氏同時顯示温度测量仪

Item#200-5880Price: $7.99/eaPacking: 1 pc      #101-9395  Hs

Readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Fast Recordstemperature in approximately 60 seconds. Beep sounds

when reading is complete. Waterproof: can beCompletely submersed. Memory recall of last reading.

Oral, axillary, rectal. 5 probe covers included 


Digital Thermometer Covers

Item#200-5890Price: $6.99/box Packing: 100/box  

Panel design may vary. #100-9361 #HT1859


Wooden Room Thermometer 内温度计 氏华氏切换公式    C=5/9 x(F-32)
Item#200-5900 Price: $12.95/eaPacking: 1pc    

9.5” long thermometer withrecessed red spirit scale, measuresboth Fahrenheit(14º-122ºF) and

Centigrade(-10º-58ºC) woodenframed.


4 Panel Wood Screen Black/Natural  4门屏风(黑&自然色)

Item#200-5560 Natural  Item#200-5570  Black Price: $85.00/set  Packing: 4 pcs/set

Size: 68” Wide x 70 1/4” High  Each panel is 17” wide


3 Panel Wood Screen Black/Natural 3门屏风(黑&自然色)

Item#200-5580  Natural  Item#200-5590     Black  Price: $75.00/set Packing: 3 pcs/set

Size: 51” Wide x 70 1/4” High Each panel is 17” wide