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Snellen Eye Test Chart-Plastic 视力测试表
Item#200-4480 Price: $12.00/ea Packing: 1pc Size: 22”H  x  11”W

Designed for appro. 20 ft. Test distance, with green and Red bars. All charts Individually polybagged.


Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture Chart  耳穴挂图-陈萍博士 Item#200-8800 

Price: $35.00/ea Packing: 1pc Size: 36”W x 23”H by Chen, Ping  Professor


Acupuncture Ear Chart Laminated 穴挂图(带保护膜Item#200-8810 



Price: $15.00/ea Packing: 1pc Size: 20.5”W x 29”H suitable for wall display 


Sketch Chart of the Foot Reflexive  Laminated 足部挂图(带保护膜) Item#200-8820 



Price: $15.00/ea Packing:1pc Size: 20.5”W x 29”H suitable for wall display  


Sketch Chart of the Hand Reflexive Laminated 挂图(保护膜Item#200-8830 



Price: $15.00/ea Packing: 1pc Size: 20.5”W  x 29”H suitable for wall display


Acupuncture Body Chart Laminated 人体挂图/带保护膜/不帶捲軸 Item#200-8840 



Price: $28.00/set Packing: 3pcs/set Size: 15”W x 34”H  38cmW x 86.5cmH


Acupuncture Body Chart w/Book   人体挂图/带保护膜/不帶捲軸Item#200-8841 

Price:$20.00/set     Packing:3pcs/set      Size: 26.5”W x 38”H67cmW x 97cm H


Chinese Medical Herbs Poster/Laminated 彩色原药展示挂图/保护膜/百草图Item#200-8850 

Price: $39.00/ea Packing: 1pc Size: 24”W x 36”H by Richard Lee


Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture 現代中醫耳針學-陈萍博士
Item#200-9000 Price: $35.00/ea Size: 6” x 9”  By Chen, Ping  Professor  214 pages

ISBN: 0-912111-704    English 87 ear points are provided, Include  inspection, palpation and Electrical

detection are described. Diagnostic indicators for 100 commonly seen external and internal diseases.


Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine 中医诊断学-陈萍博士
Item#200-9010 Price: $45.00/ea       English Size: 8” x 10”  By Chen, Ping  Professor 314 pages

ISBN: 0-9673034-5-1 Great  for Acupuncturist, school and  students. Full detail of the diagnostic skill

is included. Explains each of the symptoms, signs, techniques and patterns with special emphasis on

practical clinical observation. Followed by a graphical display of the clinical detail for each.


Coretext of Acupuncture  针灸精髓-吴桂蒙博士
Item#200-9020  Price: $68.00/ea  Size: 8.5” x 11”  By Wu, Kuei Meng 500 pages

ISBN: 1581770731      English. Includes over 480 illustrations  and detailed point descriptions.


Review and Pretest for Acupuncture Licensure Exams in USA 

Item#200-9030 Price: $85.00/ea  

Size: 8.5”W x 11” L  By Chen, Si Dong  L.Ac. Dipl.Ac. (NCCA) 520 pages/1640 

ISBN: 0-9645339-0-5 board-like practice questions, 100 board-like point location questions.

169 important tables,  89 figures. Many students and teachers in TCM schools around the world have used

 the book for NCCAOM exams and exams in California, Florida, Hawaii, Neveda since covers important

 topics of Acupuncture Licensure examinations. Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.


Review and Pretest for Chinese Herbology Licensure Exams in USA 

Item#200-9040 Price: $85.00/ea

 Size: 8.5”W x 11” L By Chen, Si Dong L.Ac. Dipl.Ac. (NCCA) 481 pages/1099   

ISBN: 0-9645339-0-4 board-like practice questions, 378 important tables and  figures for the 

differentiation of herbs and formulas. Covers basic concepts of TCM theory for the exams and 

important  topics of herbology licensure examinations NCCAOM California, New Mexico etc.


Review and Pretest for NCCAOM Exam in Biomedicine 美国生物医学考试复习资料及题解
Item#200-9050 Price: $85.00/ea  

Size: 8.5”W x 11” L  By  Chen, Si Dong  L.Ac. Dipl.Ac. (NCCA)  520 pages/1652    

ISBN: 0-9645339-0-6  board-like practice questions, 420 important  tables, 140 figures. This book is a

study guide and exam preparation workbook for Biomedicine exam to meet the new requirement of 

NCCAOM certification. It is based on "the Seven books“ NCCAOM uses for the Biomedicine exam. 

It covers the important topics in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Physical Exam,Pharmacology, 

Internal medicine, Lab tests, Legal issues, Professional issues.


Test-Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion 中国针灸测试-崔永强, 陈恳
Item#200-9060 Price: $29.00/ea  Size: 4.25” x 7”  By Cui, Yong Qiang & Chen, Ken 238 pages   

ISBN: 7119015877  14E2811S  Ideal to help the student  self-test for content and comprehension.

A selection of multiple choice, true -false, fill-in-the-blank, term definition and case analysis.


Q-Dex-A quick guide of Acupoints
Item#200-9070 Price: $79.00/ea

Qdex is a quick, yet comprehensive reference guide of acupoints for students as well as

practitioners. all acupoints include important relevant information, such as where to find it,

what it does, when to use it, how to needle it, and special attributes. 14 channels& 40 extra

points are presented in full color anatomical illustration. The pin yin, English translation, and

Chinese characters for each acupoint are given. Anatomical structures are illustrated with

acupoints for easy point location. Nerves arteries bones muscles and tendons of each acupoint

are divided into different colors for easy and clear visualization. No return 


Scalp Acupuncture and Clinical Cases
 Item#200-9080   Price: $45.00/ea By Jiao, Shun Fa 102 pages

ISBN: 711901806X   14E3064S Scalp acupuncture, invented and articulated through clinical practice by

combining the techniques of traditional acupuncture with modern anatomy and physiology,

employs a treatment methodology based on 16 scalp areas designated for specific functional application.


Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts  自然减肥参考

Item#200-9090 Price: $35.00/ea Size: 5” x 8”  By  Nan Lu 336 pages

ISBN: 0-380-80905-2 One of the most important differences between Eastern and Western medical

philosophies is what parts of the disease is treated. In the tradition of Eastern philosophies,

this book approaches the subject of weight loss with the importance  placed on healing the root of the

problem, not the symptoms.


Chinese Acupuncture Moxibustion 中国针灸学-金装-程莘农
Item#201-1000 Price: $65.00/ea Size: 8”x10.5” By Cheng, xin nong 577 pages

ISBN: 7119017586 14E2121S New version, Chinese/English. Used as a textbook by most acupuncture

schools in the US and by the international Acupuncture Training Center in Beijing China. 

Covers theoretical discussion and clinical application. Incorporates the experience of teaching 

the Western physician, as well as clinical practice. Treatment information includes general

principles of Acupuncture treatment, moxibustion and cupping.


Diagnostics of TCM 中医诊断学-佐言富上海中医药大学出版社

Item#201-1010 Price: $35.00/ea By Zuo, Yan Fu  280 pages  


ISBN: 781010652X  New version Diagnostic methods. Differentiation of syndromes.

Publishing House of ShangHai University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese-English


Chinese Massage/Tui Na 中国推拿-佐言富

Item#201-1020 Price: $35.00/ea  Size: 6.6” x 9.3” By Zuo, Yan Fu 372 pages

ISBN-10  7810106511  ISBN-13  978-7810106511 New version Publishing House of  ShangHai

University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese-English


Health Preservation &Rehabilitation Life Cultivation & Rehabilitation of TCM

Item#201-1030 Price: $35.00/ea  By Zhuo, Yan Fu ISBN:781010649X

New version Publishing House of  ShangHai University of 

Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese-English


Prescriptions of  Traditional Chinese  Medicine Science of Prescriptions

Item#201-1040 Price: $35.00/ea Size: 6.4” x 9.4” By Zuo, Yan Fu Science of prescriptions 387 pages 

ISBN: 7810106503 New version Publishing House of  ShangHai University of Traditional Chinese

Medicine. Chinese-English


Basic Theory of TCM/I, II 中医基础理论-上下册-佐言富

Item#201-1050       Price: $35.00/ea   I, II for $70.00 By Zuo, Yan Fu


ISBN-10  7810106805 ISBN-13  978-7810106801 New version      

Publishing House of  ShangHai  University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese-English


Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion 中国针灸-简装-佐言富

Item#201-1060 Price: $40.00/ea  Size: 6.7” x 9.4” By Zuo, Yan Fu 373 pages 

New version ISBN-10  7810106678 ISBN-13  978-7810106672

Publishing House of  ShangHai University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese-English


Clinic of TCM/I, II   中医临床各科-上下册-张恩勤

Item#201-1070   I Price: $29.00/ea By  Zhang, En Qin Chinese-English 455 Pages

ISBN: 7-81010-129-2/R128

 Item#201-1080   II  Price: $29.00/ea By  Zhang, En Qin Chinese-English  455 Pages

ISBN: 7-81010-129-2/R128

The Science of Chinese Materia Medica中药学-佐言富

Item#201-1090 Price: $35.00/ea By Zuo, Yan Fu 378 pages

ISBN: 7810106589 New version 上海中医大学主译  南京中医大学主编

Publishing House of  ShangHai University of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese-English


Chinese Medicated Diet 中国药膳-张恩勤
Item#201-1100 Price: $29.00/ea By Zhang, En Qin 753 Pages

ISBN: 7-8-81010-124-2 Publishing House of ShangHai University of Traditional

Chinese Medicine. Chinese English


Highly Efficacious Chinese Patent Medicines 中国名优中成药-张恩勤
Item#201-1110 Price: $29.00/ea By Zhang, En Qin 448 Pages

ISBN: 7-8-81010-127-79/R.11 Publishing House of ShangHai University of Traditional

Chinese Medicine. Chinese-English


Body Balanced Food Medicine/2nd Edition 体平衡食物医-叶少鳞博士
Item#201-1270 Price: $49.95/ea By Timothy Yeh & Pearl Yeh Packing:1ea






Paperback 372 pages  It takes an in-depth look at the importance of food, the major determinants

of health, the balance of chemistry, physics and more.



Item#201-1260 Price: $59.95/ea          By Timothy Yeh & Pearl Yeh        470 Pages





Food medicine is a medical treasure used by natural medicine .physicians for over 4000

years. It has been brought into new light through over 45 years of research and clinical

applications by Dr. Timothy Yeh and the Yeh Center of Natural Medicine, Inc. When used

properly, food can strengthen the body, maintain good health, and prevent certain diseases.

When used improperly, Food can harm the body, hinder normal bodily diseases, weaken the

immune system, and leave the body vulnerable to be attacked by illnesses  Foods of Food

Medicine This is our 3rd book in the food medicine series. It has undergone over 20 years of

research, writing and compiling. The theory has its foundations on what has already been

studied in the previous texts. However, in addition to the Chemical properties of food, this

book focuses particularly on the biophysical identifications of food nature. Each food has its

importance and possesses unique digital values. The values are assigned based upon color,

fragrance, taste, and coded-in temperature, which are in turn classified into digital groups

ranging from +1 to +12 and 1 to 12 according to their intensities. The primary function of

digital grouping is for computer programming, but it also helps the readers to easily check

up the values of the food(s) they are eating. So in this book we advise people: eat according

to the seasons. Each season has unique properties and temperatures that must be balanced

from the food we eat. Each food has unique internal temperature and nature and therefore,

can balance the body from within; eat according to balance of chemistry, biology and

physics. The different chemical, physical and biological properties make each food unique;

and eat according to the digital value of foods. The value of each kind of food is rated

Occording to its chemical analysis & nutrition, physical properties and biological factors.


Natural Perfume Medicine and its Perfumery Technology

Price: $89.00/ea By  Timothy Yeh & Pearl Yeh 500 pages

Item#201-1240     English version

Item#201-1241    Chinese version 

This books newly published Book Tells People many diseases come into our body by

the nose. This book warns people to get well……


Natural Medicine Works!!! 天然医学的神-叶少鳞博士
Item#201-1280 Price: $39.95/ea By Timothy Yeh & Pearl Yeh Paperback 400 pages

 Natural Medicine Works

It is the Complete collection of inspirational recoveries and Patient testimonials that will touch.


Seasonal Food Medicine English version 四季平衡食物医-叶少鳞博士
Item#201-1250 Price: $49.95/ea  By Timothy Yeh & Pearl Yeh Packing:1ea Paperback 352 pages

Specific foods required by the body and vital organ Systems during the changing seasons.

This is your guide through spring.


Tai Chi Exercise   太极医疗运动学-叶少鳞博士

Item#201-1290 Price: $19.95/ea By Timothy Yeh & Pearl Yeh Paperback: 199 pages

This book contains the explanation of classical Tai Chi exercises from China to benefit the mind

and body. Tai Chi is good for the nervous, cardiovascular, heart, digestive, metabolic, and respiratory

systems as well as for skeletal, muscle and joint activities. It is a form of traditional Chinese martial arts.

This book illustrates and explains 24 forms and 174 movements carefully and precisely. It is fun and easy

to learn, and we highly recommend this form of exercise for people of all ages.