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Ordering 定货說明:

To ensure quality service, your call may be monitored or recorded. If you do not wish to be monitored or recorded, please advise your sales representative.為了保證有質量的服務, 您的通話可能會被錄音. 如果您不希望被您的講話被錄音, 請告訴我們的服務人員.

  1. Order By Telephone- 24 hours a day, 7 days per week-Call our Toll-Free nationwide number:

          1-800-368-6278     1-800-DOT-MART          Help is just a phone call away.

  1. Order By Fax-you may fax your order 24 hours a day. 1-800-314-6286 get extra $1.50 discount if you place your order by fax. 如您決定用傳真的形式來訂貨, 您將獲得額外$1.50優惠.  我們鼓勵您用這樣的方式.  
  2. Order By E-mail

          on line catalog    www.美國需要針灸.com

  1. For those who prefer service in Chinese, please call 1-909-988-8626 Ask for your free gift, if this is your first time order. Or receive an extra discount, if ordering every Friday. This is our way of saying we always appreciate your business. Please use our Product Item Number when ordering, this will save time and to ensure the accuracy of your order. Should our product order line be busy? Leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 如订货需要中文服务, 请现在就拨打省钱专线电话 1-909-988-8626    本地客户: 为避免久等, 请预先订购或请先传真订单.  谢谢您的配合. 如果这是您第一次订货或是每个星期五订货, 请要求免费礼物. 这是我们想感谢您长期来和我们订货的一种方式. 订货时请使用产品代号, 容易让我们很迅速帮助您的需要. 

Payment Methods:

 For your convenience, we accept Visa/Master Card/Debt Card/Cash/Cashier Check/Money Orders/COD extra$12.00(this rate is set by UPS). If first time customer want to pay by COD, we only accept Cashier Check or Money Orders. Personal/Business Checks gladly accepted, but held for 2 weeks for bank clearing. A $30.00 penalty charge will be assessed on all returned checks. A fee of $30 for all credit card charge back. All unpaid accounts receivable past due are subject to a 1.5% finance charge. No orders will be shipped to delinquent accounts. All billed accounts are required to keep an active credit card on file. Balances overdue 30-45 days will be charged to credit card on file.  Sales Tax(lowerest tax rate 8%) will be added to orders shipped to California.为了您的方便, 我们接受Visa/Master Card/Debt Card/Cash/Cashier Check/Money Orders/COD (UPS運輸公司要額外收這個手續費12美金). 如果新客户第一次想用COD方式, 我们只接受Cashier Check/Money Orders 2种方式. 如果您要先邮寄个人或公司支票来, 那要耽误大约2个星期银行结清后如果您的支票跳票, 将有罚金30美元. 信用卡如有回退將有罚金30美元. 到期没有付款, 您将被加收1.5%利息. 如果您上一笔款没有付清, 您将不能订货, 直到上一笔款付清. 您同意在账单到期30-45天后还没付, 我们有权收您帐上的信用卡. 只有加州客户会被征收8.0%销售税.

Shipping Charges for continental USA:

Usually, Orders will be shipped as quickly as possible by UPS Ground /Cheapest way.  For products that are in stock in our warehouse. Approximately, To West Coast is 1-3 days, Central and Southern is 3-4 days, East Coast is 5-7 days. Saturday Sunday and holidays are not consider as business days. For urgent deliveries, we offer 3 day select, 2nd air, Next day air service (additional charges apply).  Sorry, No P.O. Box please. UPS does not deliver to Post Office Boxes. Ship to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Purto Rico with additional $5.00 handling fee. Cost of Shipping is based on destination, weight, size and will be added at time of purchase, you can call and confirm the shipping cost, otherwise appropriate shipping and handling cost will be automatically added to your order without notice. If sending a check or money order, please call for total price before sending your payment. Additional shipping charges may apply to large and heavy equipment orders. 运费是根据目的地, 重量和包裹大小来计算. 您可以确认运费和手續費. 否则我们会自动加在您的订单中.  太大太重的货物可能要多付一些运费. 

Business days in transit 


Drop Shipments: We will ship directly to your customer without any additional charges. Just simply give us a call or fax. 

Damage and shortage:

Please check the merchandise immediately upon its arrival. All claims of shortage or damage must be made to AcuMART MEDICAL SUPPLIES. INC.  within 48 hours or 2 business days from receipt of order. No  EXCEPTIONS will be accepted. For extensive damages, please do not throw away the packing material as a UPS staff may come to your office and inspect the shipment.收到货物后, 请马上查验. 如有损失或短少情况请在2个工作日内通知我们. 没有例外. 如有大的损坏情况, 请不要扔掉原包装, UPS要到您府上检查.

Before Returning:

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may return unused items within 30 days. We will exchange or reimburse you for the cost of product (shipping cost are not refundable) for any items returned within 30 days. please call 1-800-368-6278 for return authorization, all returns must have our Return Number shown on the outside of the package and a copy of the invoice enclosed. Returned items must be unused, unmarked, undamaged and in original box in as-new condition. Some products can not be returned for example liquid, lotions, CD, software, books, heating plate, expired products, special orders can not be returned or cancelled, opened, tagged or marked merchandise can not be returned or exchanged. Unit returned will be tested. If found defective not to be will be returned at buyers expense. We regret that no returns or exchanges will be accepted 30 days after the invoice date. Note: all authorized returns are subject to a 15% restocking charge.  


如不满意货物, 您可以在30天内退回. 我们将帮您换货或退款, 但不包括运费. 请先联系且经过我们的同意. 所有退换必须要有退货号码写在外箱上, 并附上发票. 退回的产品必须是没用过的, 在原包装内. liquid, lotions, CD, software, books, heating plate, collagen facial mask过期的, 开过的, 做了标记的, 则不能退. 有些产品因质量问题, 退回后经过测试后, 发现并没有问题的话, 将会还给客户, 费用由客户负责. 我们很遗憾30天后不能退换. 退货有15%的费用. 


Our warranty for all durable products is 90 days or manufacturer’s original warranty. This warranty does not cover damage from dropping, alterations and mishandling. Please properly package items when sending them to us. If the unit arrives at the factory with damage resulting from insufficient packaging, you will be responsible for repair costs related to shipping damage.  

FDA Compliance Purchase Agreement:

Acupuncture Needles-law requires the sale of acupuncture needles strictly to qualified  licensed practitioners as directed by individual state law. Herbal Dietary Supplement-These supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, there are not recommended to treat, cure or prevent any illness.

Disclaimer: No medical claims are intended or implied for any products sold. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for the safe and proper use of these products and agrees to indemnify and hold AcuMart Medical Supplies, Inc from any consumer claims for the improped use of these products.

Others Terms and conditions:

All prices are F. O. B(Freight on Board) AcuMart Medical Supplies, Inc. and Customer agree that the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth shall govern the relationship between the customer and AcuMart Medical Supplies, Inc. Customer acknowledges and accepts all such terms and conditions by placing an order for goods with AcuMart Medical Supplies, Inc. All prices and items in our catalog/website are subject to change without prior written notice. All photographic, typographical and printing errors are subject to correction. Pictures are for illustration purposes only, actual item may vary in appearance.  If you are unsure of the current price of an item, just ask your customer sales representative. Call today if you have any questions or if you want to place an order. 目錄上的產品圖片可能和您實際收到的貨物會有時候有點不一樣. 如果您不確認或有其它問題歡迎來電.