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All-Gauze Sponge/non-sterile方块紗布/無粘性

Item#200-6550  2”x 2”   8ply  $4.99/pack  

Item#200-6560  3” x 3”  8ply  $6.99/pack  

Item#200-6570  4” x 4”  8ply  $8.99/pack  

Item#200-6580  2”x 2”  12ply   $7.99/pack  

Item#200-6590  3” x 3” 12ply   $9.99/pack  

Item#200-6600  4” x 4” 12ply   $10.99/pack  Packing:200/pack   


Precision sizes and folding: consistency within functions. Soft and pliable: nonabrasive touch.

Absorbent: soaks up unwanted fluid. Product design may change


Economy Elastic Bandages高弹力绷带-无粘性

Item#200-6670 Price: $9.50/box Size: 2”x5yd wide

Item#200-6680 Price: $11.95/box Size: 3”x5yd wide

Item#200-6690 Price: $14.95/box Size: 4”x5yd wide

Item#200-6700 Price: $21.00/box Size: 6”x5yd wide   

Packing:10 rolls/box   Tan color,  clips included.



 Non-Woven Adhesive Bandage 不过敏带透气孔粘性固定绷带 固定伤口敷药用-外伤科-卷状

Item#200-6710  2” x 11yds $12.95/roll    5r/c

Item#200-6720  4” x 11 yds $16.95/roll   5r/c

Item#200-6730  6” x 11 yds $22.95/roll   5r/c

Item#200-6740  8” x 10 yds $21.95/roll   24/c


Soft and flexible, non-woven fabric is ideal for securing appliances or dressings, porous structure

Is water-resistant and can cover and entire primary wound dressing conveniently in one

application. Also Can be cut for any needed size. Peel off  paper backing and place the adhesive

tape over area of applied dressing. Quit using if Allergic symptoms appear.


Elastic Bandage/Net Shape高弹力网型管状固定绷带-无粘性

Item#200-6750    #1 Finger/small  

Item#200-6760    #2 Finger/large  

Item#200-6770    #3 Wrist              1.3” dia.

Item#200-6780    #4 Ankle             1.76” dia.

Item#200-6790    #5 Elbow            2.0” dia.

Item#200-6800    #6 Arm              

Item#200-6810    #7 Knee             

Item#200-6820    #9 Leg  


Price: $39.00/big bag     Packing: Approximately 1kg/bag

Ideal for patients who are allergic to adhesive tape. An  elastic net in tube form. easy to hold dressing

over joints. Stay securely in position without tapes or pins, can easily Be re-applied after washing,

without loss of effect, and is particularly useful for outpatients.


Premium Hypo-allergeni Cloth Surgical Tape 高级防過敏布料外科透氣膠布



Box Price



















Latex-free, reliable adhesion, highly porous, thin, flexible backing, gentle removal.


3M Medical Tape Rolls/hypoallergenic 白色/皮膚色/透明色3木高级防過敏外科透氣膠布

Micropore™ hypoallergenic Paper White tape

Item#200-6880 White0.5”Wx10yd 24/box  $19.95/b  

Item#200-6890 White1.0”Wx10yd 12/box  $19.95/b

Item#200-6900 White2.0”Wx10yd 6/box    $19.95/b

Item#200-7000 White3.0”Wx10yd 4/box    $19.95/b

Micropore™ hypoallergenic Paper Tan tape

Item#200-7010 Tan  0.5”Wx10yd 24/box  $24.95/b  

Item#200-7020 Tan  1.0”Wx10yd 12/box  $24.95/b 

Item#200-7030 Tan  2.0”Wx10yd 6/box    $24.95/b

Transpore™ hypoallergenic Clear Plastic Tape

Item#200-7040 Clear0.5”Wx10yd 24/box  $22.95/b 

Item#200-7050 Clear1.0”Wx10yd 12/box  $22.95/b

Item#200-7060 Clear2.0”Wx10yd 6/box    $22.95/b  

Item#200-7070 Clear3.0”Wx10yd 4/box    $22.95/b

Ideal for holding intradermal  needles, magnets or other Medical uses


Tongue Depressors 压舌板
Item#200-7080 Price: $9.95/box Packing: 500pcs/box    10/c Size: 0.7”x 6”(15cm)

bulk pack Made of white birth Wood. Strong, smooth polished surface. Non-sterile disposable

for general use.


Sterile Tongue Depressors一次性消毒压舌板
Item#200-7090  Price: $8.95/box Packing: 100pcs/box Size:0.7” x 6” long

Individually wrapped, for general use. Made of White Birch wood.


Medium Alcohol Prep Pads 中号酒精片

Price: $5.50/box Packing: 200pcs/box     20/case Size :1 1/4” x 2.0” (Medium)        

Curity brand             Item#200-7100

Kendall brand           Item#200-7110

PDI brand                  Item#200-7120

Sterile, disposable, individual wrapped foil packets for all alcohol uses. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Used as a topical

antiseptic/anti-infective agent prior to administering acupuncture needle insertion.


Large Alcohol Prep Pads 酒精片 

Price: $4.95/box  Packing: 100pcs/box    20/case  Size: 1 3/4” x 3 1/4” (Large)  

Henry Schein brand Item#200-7140

Kendall brand           Item#200-7150

PDI brand                  Item#200-7160 

Sterile, disposable, individual wrapped foil packets for all alcohol uses. 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. 

Used as a topical antiseptic/anti-infective agent prior to administering acupuncture needle insertion


Alcohol 医用酒精

Item#200-7170 Price: $12.95/bottle  Packing:1gallon/btl   4/c 70% isopropyl Alcohol, Medical grade. 

Item#200-7180   Price: $15.95/bottle Packing:1gallon/btl  4/c 99% isopropyl Alcohol, Medical grade.


Plastic Alcohol Dispenser/Push-Down Type 美国制高級造塑酒精瓶
Item#200-5720 Price: $7.95/pc Packing: 1pc    48/c Capacity: 8 oz    Plastic bottle.


Brown color Pump dispenser. Labeled “alcohol”. Easily wets Cotton with the perfect amount Of 

alcohol with a light pressure On the spring pump. 


Glass Alcohol Dispenser/Push-Down Type 国制造高级玻璃酒精瓶
Item#200-5730 Price: $9.95/pc Packing: 1pc   48/c Capacity: 8 oz    


Velvet touch glass bottle with plastic pump, allows for smooth lotion style dispensing. Imprinted


Plastic Alcohol Dispenser/Push-Down Type 美国制高級造塑酒精瓶
Item#200-5740 Price: $8.95/pc Packing: 1pc    48/c Capacity: 8 oz    Plastic bottle.

white color Pump dispenser. Labeled “alcohol”. Easily wets Cotton with the perfect amount Of alcohol

with a light pressure On the spring pump.


Glass Alcohol Lamp/burner/号医用酒精灯

Item#200-5750 Price: $15.00/pc   small  mfg#3655 Capacity: 2 oz 

Item#200-5760 Price: $18.00/pc  large  mfg#3656 Capacity: 4 oz (Made in Japan)

Item#200-5770 Price: $5.95/pc  Extra wick

For heat or fire glass cup or to burn moxa. Heavy-molded glass. Ground  glass cap and neck. Wick included.


Povidone-Iodine Pads 中号碘酒片 

Price: $7.99/box Packing: 100pcs/box Size: 1 3/16” x 2 5/8” medium

PDI brand Item#200-7190

Medline brand Item#200-7200

Dynarex brand Item#200-7210

10% Povidone-Iodine Medium size, textured pads used to prep skin site with antiseptic bactericide that

does not irritate or sting.


Povidone-Iodine 碘酒

Item#200-7220 Price: $7.99/bottle     48/c  Packing: 8.0 oz per bottle. #093943  #A4246

Item#200-7230   Price: $29.00/gallon       #093904 #690-7281  Packing: 1 Gallon     4/c


10% Povidone-Iodine. Water-soluble prep solution. Antiseptic microbicide for hospital, clinic professional use.

Effective for skin and Mucous membrane preparation prior to surgical


Procedures. Pink Germicide 粉色器械殺菌液
Item#200-7240  Price: $12.95/bottle Packing: 1gallon/bottle   4/c

Efficient chemical germicide solution for disinfecting of medical instruments, pink color.