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AcuMart Medical Supplies, Inc. is very excited to introduce you our new catalogue. There are many new added products and new item number for easy ordering in this catalogue. 

We are dedicated to the service of our customers. Our mission and philosophy is to provide the best products and service at the lowest possible price, building a long-term lasting relationship through our quality service. We carry a complete line of oriental medicine supplies and equipment to support the needs of the acupuncture professional. 

Our product line-up includes the highest quality sterile disposable needles made by “AcuPower/奇力牌”, “MaxChoice/曼桥丝牌”, “Komy/卡米牌, “Double Tiger/双虎牌” and “Seirin/靜林牌”. We have a complete inventory of clinical office equipment and supplies to meet all your acupuncture needs. Our selection of herbal products (“Life Spring/生命源”, “Tong Reng Tang/同仁堂”, “Yi He Tang/益和堂”, “Jing Ye/金叶牌”, “Hua San/华山牌”, “Shen Long Cao/神农草”, “Chen Ri Xing/陈日兴”, “Feng Le Xing/冯了性”, “Wang Lao Ji/王老吉”, “999/三九药业”, “Hysan/海山堂” , “Yun Nan Bai Yao/云南白药”  and etc. supplies and equipment are second to none. We carry the largest inventory in the area. AcuMart Medical Supplies is your one stop shop for all the needs of the acupuncture professional. We look forward to assisting you to enhance your practice for many years to come.100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  Best Quality!              最优的质量!
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Customer Service Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (PST).

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